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Photographic documentation of 2019 Berlin's finest underground scene, a concert review catalog, and a very personal diary together under the 32pages 2colors 150gr-paper fanzine. By @a_living_year

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Indiscreet Jewels - Šatër

| Live |

Get lost in a labyrinth. Get yourself completely lost, and then imagine the sound of the infinite walls. Indiscreet Jewels resembles a frozen pearl, a tiny gem, a miniaturized wonder, and once you listen to “ŠATËR” you will be confined in the prison...

Dane Joe - Wicked Game

| Live | interview |

We are very happy and proud to introduce Dane Joe to you, in our first collaboration with her new record label “Babay Santan Recods”. Dane Joe is an Israel born and Berlin based artist, who is about to release a new EP: “Obessions and Distraction”. We can have a bite of this...

Imperio - El desencant

| Live |

Anna Taulés is Imperio. We had the pleasure of recording her this summer, accompained by Barbacoa, playing "El Desencant", one of the tracks of her last work "Trilogía del Desamor". Filmed in 16mm in Dublin and Berlin between...

Neta Polturak - American Horror

| Live | interview |

Under a 10-minute short-documentary format, "Neta Polturak - American Horror" is a personal Berlin portrait through the music of the Berlin-based Israeli artist Neta Polturak. Images inspired by her music, and music inspired by the city. Neta Polturak talks about...

Scar Polish - The Stomach Room

| Live |

Psychedelic cosmic-rock, glitchy weird-pop. No definition can include every shiny side of this precious gemstone. Scar Polish, a Berlin-based british musician, performs a brand new song "The Stomach Room" since his acclaimed last EP "Science Friction".

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