Venerandi - Songs and demos

Venerandi - Songs and demos

Release date: 5-3-2021

'Songs and demos' is the solo debut of Venerandi, a project that receives the last name of the woman behind it, Giulia Venerandi, a musician based in Spain with a background in classical music and singing. Echoes are omnipresent in this release, a backdrop for the exploration of a wide range of obscure synthesizer sounds and rhythms that take us further into dub territories, where ambient and dark-wave can flourish.

The irregular respiration of these echoes forms a ragged structure, like the breath of life, that uncannily accompanies us through field recordings, a slimy, wet presence. It's this unavoidable and constant sense of dripping that indicates the breath's materialization, its condensation. Its product is the opacity of every transparent surface, of every formerly pristine sound, that forces us to imagine new forms.

Text: Alba Pagan
Cassette design: Braguette

€ 10,00 €


Giulia Venerandi takes us back to her childhood when she used to sing in a choir in Madrid. This choir's voices can be heard running alone, unembodied, through gardens, parties, undergrounds, and damp galleries. They are like evasive forms that cannot be looked at directly; it feels like chasing a sensation that evades as soon as you get a grip on it.

Venerandi - Songs and demos
Songs and demos joins the catalog of  Ediciones, a label based in Berlin since 2018 dedicated to pop, ambient and electronic sounds with a healthy appetite for experimentation. Its catalog includes bands such as Ciccone, who have collaborated with Venerandi on two of the tracks on this release.
The cover was designed by Braguette Collectif, a new and exciting French design studio.


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