Across the Royal Dust' A Film by No-Domain

| Live | interview |

Orbiting around a musical project, No-Domain (nickname of the audiovisual artist Joaquín Urbina) signs this production which reach to a poetic meeting-point between creations of divere nature, after a long artistic process.The album in question is "Royal Dust", a project of the venezuelan arist Miguel Toro, which includes collaborations with Aerea Negrot, Ricardo Villalobos y Paul Frick, and where the industrial and organic sounds converge, perfeclty blended by the master of masterization Mike Grinser, to be then cutted into vinyl, a moment when all the technical, sensitive, and invisible aspects that surround the album get synthesized.As hybrid as the sound are the images, that escape any formal audiovisual genre classification, a principle that allows freedom to impregnate all the picture, the path of the needle entering the unknown, that vibrant and dusty feeling of a first listening.

Text: Alba Pagán

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