Alppine - Impro, por Arturo Bastón

| Live |

Since the early scuffles with experimental photography, up to his most recent audiovisuals, Arturo Bastón's work has been outlined like a natural born bricoleur who, even without a camera, finds his raw material in the emulsion, his language in the filmic décollage, the way to saw the forgotten memory remnants in the mounting, using films found in cultural underworlds, finding pearls within forgotten junk. Collector of exquisiteness with which he reassembles imaginary, he inquires about beauty without anticipating meanings. Skilled and versatile with edition's technical resources, he escapes from the linear narratives in order to catch the evocative power of visual and sound ensembles, which in this video for Alppine translates into suggestive synergies of sequences, rhythm and improvisation.

Text: Anna Adell

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Alppine - Improvisations – Limited Edition Cassette

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