Barbacoa - L'aeroport

| Live |

Barbacoa, a musician from Barcelona, plays and sing live "l'Aeroport", one of the best tracks from his last work "Això no ho podré canviar mai" (Discos de Kirlian, 2018). As scenario, Tempelhoff. Jordi tells us his connection with one of the most popular spots of Berlin.“The first time I was in Tempelhoff in 2002 was also the first time I visited Berlin. Both places shocked me in such a way that I end up building my own personal popular imagination around them; around Berlin the city, and around Tempelhoff the airport. In 2014 I moved from Barcelona to Berlin (to another Berlin of course, because  Berlin is always another Berlin) and between flights to my previous city, between homesickness, melancholy, and lost buses, I wrote "l'Aeroport" and it couldn't be recorded anywhere else but Tempelhof. An intentionally dramatic way to close a circle of almost fifteen years.”

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Barbacoa - Això no no podré canviar mai – white 12" Vinyl

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