Doble Pletina - Teoría Y Práctica

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When Doble Pletina bursted in 2011 with that pocket-size hymn which was "Música para cerrar las disctecas", our hearts melted. A small, secret, adorable band, that we were showing only to our special ones. The favorite band of Barcelona. But as the law of life, and with the help of Discos de Kirlian, Doble Pletina start to grew up. Let's say, they became teenagers but not adults, the stayed at the perfect size and age, not being a secret anymore, but being close to be part of your family.Their songs, tough, do talk about characters that lived, got broken, got bored or had fun. Always with a voice about to fall from limbo, with the instrumental arrangement that almost makes you cry...this Living Room Session is a comeback to those days of demos, when we carried them in our sleeves, and talk about them in whispers. Theory and Practice of a favorite Band.

Text: Jordi Isern

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