John Maus / Live at Primavera Club Music Festival, Barcelona

Spring is about to happen, or we believe so. And it seems that we are not alone, based on the luminosity of this song of John Maus, recorded in his awaited (and controverted) show at the sixth edition of Primavera Sound in 2011."They call me a believer", reverberates his voice in the chorus. Precise nickname, since this artis from Austin still believes in impossible combinations, improbable marriages between a shiny-hypnagogic-pop and a lo-fi mise-en-scène, where the 80's flame is always present. This time the format itself is the show, all alone with the artis and his festival of...Better come and watch.

Text: Victoria Shevela


Indiscreet Jewels - Šatër. Live session

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DESTROY NEGATIVITY, A short film about Primavera Sound


Fur Voice - "Slow Dance"

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