Ale Hop - Live at Loophole Berlin - OCTUBRE.TV X CODEX CLUB #1

Among all the gemstones of Berlin's experimental music scene, Ale Hop stands out as one of the most distinctive and respected artists. The work of Alejandra Cardenas includes not only live music but also multimedia installations, sound sculptures, academic publications, and the co-curating of the festival "Radical Sounds Latin American". 

The artistic narrative of this Peruvian experimental instrumentalist has developed to become an international reference of avant-garde deconstruction of sound. 

In August 2019, the first collaboration between and CODEX CLUB brought us, Ale Hop, in an intimate performance in Loophole Berlin, where she combined the brutal mutilation of musical language with the projection of her uncomfortably intense visuals.


VIOLETA VIL - "CARNE". Live session


Concentration - Dead Men Don't Rape. Live on Arkaoda Berlin

Indiscreet Jewels - Šatër. Live session

SKY - devils. Live session, Berlin

Negative Gemini - Infin Path. Short Documentary and live session. Berghain Kantine, Berlin

MATTOKÌND - Slumber. Live session. Berlin

Volta X Suite - Preludi i Vol Sonic 0.1. Live session at Freedonia Barcelona

Alppine - "Soroll Blanc". Live session

Maria Minerva / Live at Festival Emergència / Barcelona 2012



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