Alppine - "Soroll Blanc"

I remember the first time I went to Diego's place, there was a whole room for his devices, keyboards, instruments, cameras...and specially cables, in a dark atmosphere. I like to think that there laid Alppine's embryo, and that that after all this well-done-job, all this changes to bigger and brighter rooms, all this transitions, finally you can see the result through the windows. This video crystallizes the right paths, the work of the last two years, and the match with the rich persons. Creator and creator get mixed and talk about a moment. Alppine build itself around the idea of improvisation, the art of extract creativity out of the essences, and the transformation of variability into virtue. Samue Navarrete, the video-artist from Barcelona whose works talks about the character and surviving of tradition, clashes with the band, melting into images and sensations. The result is this video which focus the look into the instant, to remind us what the important things are made of.

Text: Alba Pagán

Alppine - Improvisations – Limited Edition Cassette

Alppine - Improvisations – Limited Edition Cassette
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