Barbacoa - Això no no podré canviar mai – white 12" Vinyl

€ 15,00 EUR

Reissue of Barbacoa's sold-out cassette in a deluxe white 45rpm vinyl. Behind the name of Barbacoa is hidden the exquisite and heartbreaking musical project by Jordi Colombi (SPA / ITA). A collection of personal moments turned into songs, with an almost unbearable emotional charge, sung with his unique voice, and collected in his hast record "Aixó no ho podré canviar mai”.

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Barbacoa - Qui està despert a mitjanit

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Living room and intimacy. This is what Barbacoa offers, the band of the singer-songwriter from Barcelona Jordi Colombi, in this new "Living Room Session". A guitar as folkie as quite, and the cello of Margarida Mariño join the voice, building this melancholic atmosphere...

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Barbacoa, a musician from Barcelona, plays and sing live "l'Aeroport", one of the best tracks from his last work "Això no ho podré canviar mai" (Discos de Kirlian, 2018). As scenario, Tempelhoff. Jordi tells us his connection with one of the most popular spots of Berlin.“The...

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