Indiscreet Jewels - Castle of Liars

Indiscreet Jewels - Castle of Liars

“Castle of Liars”, the first physical album of Indiscreet Jewels, comes to OCTUBRE.TV Ediciones in the format of a five-track two-colored cassette.
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Indiscreet Jewels
Foto: Pleiadesounds

Indiscreet Jewels

Indiscreet Jewels, is an experimental electronic music band created by multidisciplinary artists Alexey Loginov, Diana Karlssone, and Andrey Kharitonov, formerly founded in Riga (Latvia), and since 2015 based in Berlin.

With a style that the band themselves define defines as psychaleatoric synth fusion, they connected with the underground electronic scene of the city as they started to produce their audio-visual works. They quickly began to perform in art galleries and venues such as Madame Claude, Loophole, Keith, or Noiseberg, as well as gigs in Hamburg, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam.

Indiscreet Jewels - Castle of Liars
The soviet cartoon of the 80’ “Castle of Liars” inspires the title of the album. The animation tells the story of sorcerers, who shows illusionistic miracles to the boy who lied often. This collision with the art of deception becomes an initiating event that changed him.
Diana Karlssone: vocal, synth
Andrey Kharitonov: electronics, vocals
Alexey Sorefo: synths, groove machines, vocals
Artwork by Diana Karlssone
Graphic design by Alexey Sorefo


Indiscreet Jewels - Šatër

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